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Beautymonks provides exceptional make up, skin care products and services. We have put years and years of experience and research to deliver world class products & services to our clients. We have carefully chosen the brands we represent to make sure all our products are of highest quality and affordable for everyone. Our Director Reet Kaur is religious about beauty and is one of the best artists in Australia. She’s called a ‘’Monk’’ for her passion about beauty, this is where the name ‘’Beautymonks’’ arised.

We would love to help all the other beauties out there, whether you have a question regarding any of our  products or you need to make a booking for make-up, hair and skincare services for any special occasion please feel free to get in touch.

For all make-up, hair and beauty services prices please click on services.

To make a booking contact Reet between business hours on 0431 095 733.

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